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Our Services 

Fittscapes is a design, build, maintain company.


At Fittscapes, we're all about creating landscapes that bring out the best in your space. We want it to feel personal, so we keep you in the loop during the design and construction stages. After we wrap up, we're not saying goodbye – we're inviting you to stick with us through our maintenance plan. Let's make sure your outdoor dreams become a reality and stay that way!

Home landscape design by Fittscapes

What We Do

Home landscape design by Fittscapes

We'll team up to imagine and customize your outdoor space, blending creative flair with practical solutions. It's all about merging style with functionality in a way that suits your unique taste and needs.

Design & Consulting


Home landscape design by Fittscapes

We make your dreams happen by planning, executing, and tailoring your outdoor space just for you. It's about turning your vision into reality.

Site Development


Home landscape design by Fittscapes

Working with care and precision to create a solid foundation and drainage for your outdoor space. It's all about setting the stage just right for your project to shine. We're not just landscaping; we're crafting a space that's as sturdy as it is stunning!

Site Excavating & Grading


We blend creativity and know-how to create great outdoor spaces that enhance your surroundings.

Landscape Construction


Home landscape design by Fittscapes

We're dedicated to keeping your outdoor spaces thriving! Count on us for lawn and landscape care, ensuring your green spaces not only survive but truly flourish. 

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


Home landscape design by Fittscapes

We turn empty spaces into green areas, offering a quick and skilled solution to instantly boost the look of your outdoor space.

Sod Preparation & Installation


Home landscape design by Fittscapes

Our lights don't just light up; they create an ambience, highlighting the beauty of your surroundings – both natural and architectural wonders in your landscape.

Landscape Lighting


Home landscape design by Fittscapes

A key part of planning landscapes, we make sure water is managed well to protect your outdoor spaces from erosion and flooding, creating a sturdy and sustainable environment.

Drainage Construction


Leaf removal and Home landscape design by Fittscapes

No more dealing with the hassle of seasonal debris – we're here to let the natural beauty of your landscape shine without the extra work for you.

Leaf Removal 


Home landscape design by Fittscapes

We make great sidewalks, welcoming patios, attractive fire pits, and sturdy retaining walls that mix style and practicality to upgrade your outdoor living.

Sidewalk, Patio, Fire Pit, & Retaining Wall Construction


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